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15 May 2012


Melodye Reeves

Oh Beth ... I feel all your words! Keep up the good work. Do your best, say your sorry, pray daily that you will both see yourselves as God does - good and bad - and then just rest in His grace. As parents, we live as authentically and intentionally as we can, then we realize that all the rest is God's deal. :) and that's when we trust and say 'OK, Lord, I know you got this." Oh, and it helps that they have such a great Daddy too!

Beth Webb

Thanks, Amanda! I so wish we were close enough to do life together a bit, but I am thankful for the time we had together:) Love you.


Love this post friend; I'm so proud of your commitment to Jesus and to your family. You are doing an awesome job with your kids--they are so blessed to have you as their mama!

Beth Webb

Thanks for encouraging me on this journey, Sharon!


Beautifully said.....

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