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01 May 2012


Beth Webb

Lisa, we definitely go through different types of messiness in different seasons of life...it's nice to see moms who have done a bit better than survive! So, thanks for sharing.

Lisa Gifford

I think as I've gotten older, and my life has begun to "unpack" so to speak, the messiness of it is starting to clean up. Like you, we had children very close together, at one time, 3 in diapers. Such a whirlwind that was. Now that they're older and I can see the amazing adults they are becoming, I now see God's blessings shine through more than I ever did then.

I think of the emotional and psychological mess I was just 4 short years ago, and how I have grown since then, and the ways that God has worked in my life through that time, and I'm amazed. Yet another mess that is becoming well polished.

We had some serious financial messiness, about 2 years ago, and again, with God's blessings it too is being cleaned up. I can now begin to see over the heap that's sitting there.

Now, I'm sure that there is most likely several other messes to come down the road, and I welcome them if only to see the amazing things that God works through them. However, for the moment it's been nice to look retrospectively at the messes I've gone through and be able to see the blessings that have come from each one.

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