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29 June 2013


Beth Webb

You are right in that church culture has a lot to do with it. We do not have a sunday school hour--we have small groups during the week for adults & students. So, our hour of "worship" is songs, sometimes communion, and a time of teaching--I cannot imagine being able to learn during that time of teaching with my four little ones sitting next to me!! Our Sunday morning worship time is designed with teenagers & adults in mind while our children have worship, Bible Story, and then small groups in their own environments!


Thanks for commenting on my post, Dear Parents with Young Children in Church (http://iamtotallythatmom.blogspot.com/2013/05/dear-parents-with-young-children-in.html).

I agree with much of what you say, but I think the differences come down to church culture. I do all of those things you mentioned every week with my children, but we do not call that worship. I also take my time with God by myself, but I do not call that worship. We spend time in prayer, meditation, devotionm etc, but for my context that isn't worship.

Worship is centered around the Word and Sacrament and the community gathered together. http://www.elca.org/Who-We-Are/Welcome-to-the-ELCA/How-We-Worship.aspx I am not suggesting this is the right way to worship, but I am explaining that this is what that word means to me.

As for Sunday mornings, we do all of those things you mentioned as well, but we do them during our Sunday School or Christian Education time. Worship is centered on Word and Sacrament and is a time where the whole Body of Christ comes together to partake in that together.

I so appreciate your points that if we are not fed as children of God, we cannot help raise our children up in faith. I am constantly suggesting and encouraging that churches take special note to nourish people of all ages outside of the worship time in a way that meets their specific needs.

And I am SO thankful for all those amazing adults who connect with my and other children, serving as role models, and a beautiful faith community for them to grow with beyond our family unit.

Peace!! I enjoy hearing your thoughts, and I think we agree on so much!

Maggie Hall

This is spot on right now for our little family, Beth. Since we are transitioning to a new church family after a move, I've found myself really observing how important it is for our kids to have Godly leaders and teachers and friends they can grow with- not just a cute children's sermon in front of everyone and some coloring sheets.
Loving your posts! Keep up the good work, Mama:)

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